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By the year 2022, more than approximately 129,000 security guard jobs will be added, per The Bureau of Labor Statistics. Individuals seeking a career in this field will not be met with complexities unless they have no idea how the security employment process works. security employment Texas

“What exactly should a person do to get hired as a security officer?” and “How can I ‘ace’ the interview process?” – These are questions that may arise when considering a job in this sector. Security industry Expert, Glenn Jones, in his new book, “Security Employment – a Straightforward Approach to the Guard Hiring Process,” answers these questions and much more.

Security employment opportunities

In an effort to deliver real value and a straight path forward to people considering pursuing a career as a security professional, Jones aims to assist individuals with what to look for and expect during the entire hiring process.

The key is successfully passing the application and interview process; not putting up any ‘red flags’ to interviewers, and getting employed. The book reveals all of this valuable information in a way that’s simple and easy to understand.

Security Employment

Some key points “Security Employment – a Straightforward Approach to the Guard Hiring Process” covers includes the following:

  • The inside scoop on what security employers look for in their new hires
  • Things to avoid in interviews and on applications – follow these tips and don’t worry about sending “Red Flags” to a potential employer
  • Probable reasons why a person wasn’t hired – that the company’s will never admit
  • What realistic expectations can a person have working in the security industry
  • The most important things to focus on when filling out an application and resume
  • What to keep in mind concerning appearance when interviewing, along with how to interact with the interviewer
  • How to have the best possible chance of being hired, and much, much more…

Security guard employment in Texas

There are a huge number of people like former military and law enforcement shifting to the security industry. There are also individuals seeking employment in this field as a means to supplement their current income.

Whatever the case, it behooves those seeking a career as a security professional to learn what is required to have a lasting career. No longer do you have to remain clueless because it has all been outlined here for you! Easy to follow steps

To obtain more information and purchase your copy of “Security Employment,” the book is available both as a Kindle PDF download from and in paperback edition available through Texas Certified Training Academy.


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