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Students often inquire about why some private security training schools offer an eight hour Level-3 recertification course while others offer a six hour course. Looking around at a few training academies in the Central Texas area, we’ve noticed the students were correct in what they saw and that wrong information was being posted or advertised for Level-3 recertification requirements.

 “You have to go with what’s in black and white.” security guard training Texas

The official recertification course for the Level-3 license is (6) hours not (8) hours. This regulation can be found within DPS-RSD’s Administration rules and regulations, to include 1702. OCC; there are 2 parts under recertification: (8) hours only pertains to non-listed courses, (6) hours is listed specifically for the Level-3 commission class.

So, the other schools saw (8) hours at the top of the section and did not read through the full regulation, or maybe they just want to give students two more hours of training for free, who knows.

Private security training recertification

“When in doubt, check the code.”

DPS-RSD RULE §35.291 Continuing Education Courses states “six” (6), and OCC
§1702.309 states “six” (6) hours for Level-3/Level-4 recertification; you have
to read below the first line or two.

At TCTA, we won’t make you sit through two more additional hours that you are not required to – unless you want to.

When searching around for professional security training, be sure to check on the school as well as the Instructors; after all, this is your career on the line – what you learn or don’t learn can cost you tremendously.

Texas guards being sued Lack of knowledge and incorrect training can lead to lawsuits and imprisonment… do you really have time for this? It’s best you do your part and spend a little time getting to know the institution and trainers you will acquire education from.

For more information about security training recertification, contact Texas Certified Training Academy.


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