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August 31st, 2016 by TCTA admin

Texas Certified Training Academy is encouraging the public to report lack of training at schools for security officers in Texas

Too often you hear of security officers in the news committing senseless acts and making poor decisions that could have been avoided. Immediately following such an occurrence, authorities and media outlets covering these incidents inquire about what security guard training the officer received, if any at all, and which school conducted the instruction.

The average client or citizen would be amazed of how little security officers are trained; then, to have training academies or Instructors shorten or cut what little is left is unbelievable.

Glenn Jones – Security expert, says “All roads lead back to the training academies; they are the ones certified by the state and charged with the responsibility of ensuring the basic standards are being met.

They are also the ones being paid by their students or security companies to properly train their students. If Instructors don’t provide at least the minimum required by the state, the officer, employer, and their clients are let down and exposed to liability – a responsibly we take very seriously at TCTA.”

Security Guard Training – Investigation of Guard’s Training Occurs After Garage Shooting 

Many training academies and their Instructors have been caught cutting corners, shaving off major time from required classes, not following the state’s guidelines, and even graduating students regardless if they did not qualify at the range or pass the written exam.

As a matter of fact, TCTA has reported two schools and three Instructors for engaging in these acts which led to DPS investigations.

Bad security trainingWhy is this even occurring – who knows?

Maybe Instructors are lazy and lack proper training themselves or they’re trying to win more business by giving deals and so-called hook-ups; whatever the case, it has to be stopped and now!

The results of improperly vetted Instructors at security guard training academies –

When Instructors are not vetted too well from DPS or their own employer, you often find some that turn a program of education and training into a “certificate mill” for a fast buck.

They often Guard companies cutting cornerscut corners because they lack the real knowledge of being a teacher, or no longer care about what they are doing and see each student as a dollar sign and not someone who needs valuable training.

Some training academies outright give the answers to the state exam while others simply ignore shooting qualifications, allowing students to pass even if they fail this portion of training… That’s absurd!

Gun range qualifications

If a student can’t pass the range portion of the course, there should be no way on earth that student receives a level-3 certification.

When Instructors sign a certificate signifying that student passed and is safe to act in the capacity of an armed security officer, they have just falsified a state document and could face suspension and arrest.

So what’s needed?

Crime is increasing daily and as a result, security companies are receiving more and more calls requiring coverage. Why would a potential client hire a security provider whose guard force lacks training and could potentially be negligent to that client?

It only makes sense to have qualified officers who can cover accounts without jeopardizing their lives or the lives of others.

Any security guard training academy in Texas that passes their students just because they attended their school should be closed immediately. This industry cannot afford to have that level of incompetence.


How can improvements be made to security guard training academies in Texas

  1. DPS needs to thoroughly vet security training Instructors and put them through a training program as they do with LTC Instructors. “Just because a person was a prior police officer or ex-military does not automatically mean that person is a great teacher or runs a proper program or even cares about their job, so they need to be vetted and inspected more” says Glenn Jones.
  2. Raise the guard training program standards and required hours – some manuals were last updated in 1999 (i.e. the Level-4 manual as an example).
  3. DPS-RSD needs to develop with the aid of security experts (not civilians and troopers) but security experts a standard class with all the materials so each school is teaching the same exact class in the same manner without deviations.
  4. DPS-RSD needs to visit and sit through more training academies instead of focusing on the guard companies.

Texas Certified Training Academy takes pride in providing education to security officers throughout the state of Texas. We refuse to stand by and let a few “bad apples” hurt the guard industry by being lackadaisical.

Trying to win more business by letting students pass even when they fail is doing a disservice to the guards, the general public, and security clients. There’s just no way around this.


How can the public ensure qualified Instructors are at security guard training schools?

Report it to DPSWe are asking for help with stopping this fiasco. If you or someone you know has experienced an academy that is cutting corners by shorting hours required by the state of Texas, giving away answers to the state exam, or passing students that clearly fail shooting requirements, please contact Texas Department of Public Safety and report this immediately.

Whether it’s License to carry ltc classes, non-commission or commission classes, or security management courses, Instructors are (at minimum) expected to teach the basic guidelines given by the state.

If you are a security professional or considering pursuing a career in the field, contact Texas Certified Training Academy; the Instructors will provide hands-on experience, in-depth knowledge, and won’t cut corners.

For more information about training for security guards in Austin, Texas, click here

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