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Crosses Milestone Successfully Training over 4,000 students in the Security Industry


There has never been such a demand and a legitimate need for well-trained security professionals from guards to bodyguards, and beyond. One resource that consistently wins praises training these professionals is Texas Certified Training Academy. Recently, the academy celebrated training over 4,000 students who have successfully entered the security industry.

Security guards and bodyguards are needed more than ever in the state of Texas, with new employment opportunities appearing every day. Many of these jobs aren’t just nine to five paychecks, but important positions that protect people’s lives and make a real difference in the world. Austin guard training - TCTA

This has left the security industry in real need of professional schools that can produce quality, well-trained, responsible guards. Answering the call has been Texas Certified Training Academy, an academy well known and respected for training high-level security professionals and bodyguards.

The academy, their students and the companies employing them, have all greeted this accomplishment with enthusiasm.

“While other schools develop guards, we develop security professionals,” commented a spokesperson from Texas Certified Training Academy. 

“There’s more of a need than ever and we understand that there’s a great responsibility in making sure everyone who graduates from our academy is well trained and prepared. It’s an all-around win/win for us, for our students and, most of all, for the companies they work for and the people or property they protect.”

According to the company, they are very proud to offer a number of different courses including: Non-Commission; Commission; Bodyguard; CHL; C.E.W.; Handcuffing; Pepper Spray; Baton Training; First Aid / CPR; and Advanced Weapons. New courses are often added and updated as required.

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In Texas, the law is very strict in that all people performing a security role – uniformed or not – even if called a bouncer or other name, must have completed at least a non-commission security course, such as the one taught at Texas Certified Training Academy. It’s an arrestable offense to perform those job functions without the license.

Former students have praised their experience having taken courses at the academy.

Texas Certified Training Academy ReviewsJohn M., from Texas, recently said, “When I came home from the army I knew I wanted to be a security guard, but one who worked for quality companies. My friend suggested I come to Texas Certified Training Academy to get certified, and I’m glad I did.

I’ve turned my past experience and certificates into very good jobs and my career just keeps getting better and better. Five stars and highly recommended. This is the place to go to for someone seriously considering a job in security in Texas, without any doubt at all.”

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Courses are scheduled very frequently at the academy and private lessons for certification are also available to interested students. All rates are some of the lowest available in the entire state.

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For more information on guard training and what security professional development they have to offer, be sure to visit Texas Certified Training Academy.

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